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Welcome to Dawkins & Associates!
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Welcome to Dawkins & Associates, the leading management consulting business
in the region.  We are the trusted advisor to many businesses bringing together
the best practices of corporate Bahamas to provide efficient and exceptional
services for our client's unique business needs.  Established in 2010, Dawkins &
Associates use a boutique approach to serve a select number of big and small
businesses.  Dawkins & Associates specializes in Business Administration,
Accounting, and Information Technology.   

Macie E. Dawkins-Hanna is the founder and Principal of Dawkins & Associates.
She has spent many years in leading roles with some of the biggest names in
business & financial services.  Dawkins & Associates was created out of the idea
to become actively involved in assisting big and small businesses with their
business n
eeds.  Dawkins-Hanna is a seasoned business professional having
attended several educational institutes to include Nova Southeastern University.
She is one of the first Bahamians to become the recipient of the Fellow Life
Management Institute (FLMI) Diploma which is the hallmark in the life insurance

Dawkins-Hanna is a multi-skilled business professional having work experience as
an executive secretary, then manager of administration at a major shipping & travel
establishment; manager, insurance operations and senior data controller at a
leading insurance company.  During her employment, she has had the privilege to
travel extensively on company business. Last but not least, she was the assistant
accountant administrator conducting internal audits at one of the quasi-government

Dawkins-Hanna is a dedicated member of Toastmaster, Cable Beach West Club 6796
and previously served on the Executive Board as Vice President, Public Relations.

Dawkins & Associates provide support and input for their clients’ unique business
needs.  Through creativity and innovation, Dawkins & Associates' approach is
“business unusual,” exemplary customer service relationship; and employing
knowledgeable personnel whom our clients trust to provide their “wow” factor.

                   DAWKINS & ASSOCIATES
                      “Management Consultants & Small Business Advisors”

                                 P. O. Box N-1843
                                                NASSAU, Bahamas.

                                             Phone:  (242) 427-2647
                                             FAX:      (242) 323-2709

              Website:  www.bahamasbusinessdevelopment.com
Website designed by:  DawkinsMedia
copyright (c) 2011  DAWKINS & ASSOCIATES.  All Rights Reserved.
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This is our approach to business.

Like the Royal Poinciana, we have
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to sustain
growth and profitability.    

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